If You Like… Then Read This: The Netflix Edition

Welcome to another new feature! In these posts I will recommend books based on other books/movies/tv-shows/… For this first edition, I decided to scour Netflix for shows I could recommend books for. It was surprisingly easy and so much fun to do. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Peaky Blinders

Okay, technically this isn’t a Netflix Original, but I recently watched the available 4 seasons and OH MY GOD. I am in love. Gangs, family you die for, schemes, 1920’s England,… I love love love this show and Thomas Shelby has my heart. He honestly reminded me of an older Kaz Brekker?? Am I alone in this? I hope not.

When looking for book recommendations, I looked for common themes. (Found) family, gangs, schemes, cons & heists, different time,… In the end I came up with three books that gave me very similar feels. I absolutely adored all three of these books and if you’re looking for something similar to the epic Peaky Blinders, these are the way to go.

The Lies of Lock Lamora | Six of Crows | Ace of Shades


You is a fantastic psychological thriller based on the book with the same name. I have not read the book yet, but I can tell you that I really enjoyed it. It’s creepy, it gets under your skin, it worms its way into your head. I found myself yelling at the characters and strangely enough rooting for our main guy. Which I shouldn’t???

For book recommendations, I looked at thrillers that stood out to me in recent years and landed on these two that also have amazing characters you root for (even when you maybe shouldn’t), unreliable narrators, and plots that keep you on your toes.

Here Lies Daniel Tate | The Wicker King

The Haunting of Hill House

This is another Netflix gem and one that is very welcome in the horror genre. The Haunting of Hill House is creepy, mind-bending, with lots of twists and turns and a set of great characters you really do feel for. With a slight paranormal twist, it lures us into these characters lives and takes you on a very, very wild ride.

For recommendations, I only had to look at one author that can give me all of those things too, and that is Dawn Kurtagich. Her books are so, so good and not nearly talked about enough. This is YA Horror at its finest, for sure. The Dead House is my all time favorite horror book and even though I have not read Teeth In The Mist yet, based on the premise, I’m sure it’s one I’m going to love just as much.

The Dead House | And The Trees Crept In | Teeth In The Mist

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is one of my top favorite Netflix shows. From it’s tight plot, to the amazing characters and out of this world awesome soundtrack, this is a show you absolutely have to see. I personally can’t wait to see Season 2, for sure.

For recommendations, I have three very different books. One is an action-packed dystopia where people with superpowers are the bad guys, the other is a more slow and twisted adult fantasy that finally got its sequel (that I have yet to read, oops) and the third is a contemporary with a super-powered twist coming this September. Among these, you should find something to your liking when you need to fill that Umbrella shaped hole in your heart.

Steelheart | Vicious | The Infinite Noise

Have you seen any of these shows? Do you have other recommendations for them? I’d love to hear about it! Or do you have recommendations for a different show you loved recently? Tell me all about it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “If You Like… Then Read This: The Netflix Edition

  1. WELL now I need to watch all of these shows! Especially Peaky Blinders, that sounds great! And I think I need to watch You, but it also reminds me that I MUST read The Wicker King- it’s on my “to read ASAP” TBR shelf but… well you know how it is, Bee 😂


  2. Great recommendations! I’m really looking forward to The Infinite Noise (and season 2 of The Umbrella Academy because how good was that?!). I also really loved Here Lies Daniel Tate and You (the book, have yet to watch the series).


  3. Loved “The wicker King” even though I hate thriller! Thought this book was done amazingly! I’ll check your recommendation for Umbrella Academy, because I can’t wait for season 2 so why not !!! 😀


    • Exactly, why not?? xD I desperately need more Umbrella Academy, which is why I don’t get why I haven’t read Vengeful yet?? Because it’d be so good at scratching that superpower itch??

      Liked by 1 person

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