Netflix & Chill: Queer Eye, Stranger Things, and more!

Welcome to Netflix & Chill, the feature in which I talk about the things I’ve watched recently. It’s a place where I can gush about the show/movie I LOVED or rant about the ones I truly hated. For my first edition, I decided to keep it positive and share some highlights of what I’ve watched in the past few months.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a show I watch with my boyfriend. We binged the first two seasons last year during my pregnancy (I’d already seen season 1 but I needed a refresher anyway), and we’re just over the moon in love with this show. Everything from the characters, their story, to all the details that make it feel like it truly came out of the 80’s. I know a lot of people are mixed about season 3 but I actually loved it a lot? Eleven remains a truly astounding character, but I also love Dustin and his growing friendship with Steve. I am very much pumped for season 4 already and I just. need. MORE.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye has quickly become a show that always gives me the warm fuzzy feels but it also makes me cry. Season 4 is THE BEST. Episode 2 was so beautiful (they all were tbh) and I cried so much. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the Fab 5 decided to drop into my life and give me a make-over. Jonathan is definitely my favorite. He’s such a joy to watch and every time he’s wearing heels I’m sitting there screaming in my head “YAS QUEEN!” Queer Eye is a very wholesome and blessed show on Netflix that I recommend to anyone, really. Check it out when you’re not feeling 100%, I guarantee that you’ll feel better after just one episode.

Black Mirror

Besides the fact that I’m still not pleased that this latest season has only 3 episodes, I do have to admit that all 3 were fantastic. I love how this show does not pull any punches and how it shows what technology can do to us as human beings. I especially loved the third episode and yes, Miley Cyrus was actually great in my opinion. I really enjoyed it and do recommend it if you’re into this kind of thing because I realize it might be everyone’s cup of tea. So check it out, but don’t hate me if it’s not for you at all, please?

Tales of the City (2019)

This is such a great and fantastically diverse, queer show. I never saw the original show but I fell in love with this version. I’m not sure what the general consensus is on it though? I loved all the queer rep, how it shows lives intermingling and changing. People growing up, going through every day life. I do highly recommend you check this out at some point. I might even check out the original some day since that is now available on Netflix too. Tales of the City is a fun show to binge or just watching one episode a night. Make yourself comfortable, get some snacks, a glass of wine and get wrapped up in the lives of all these wonderful queer people.

Have you seen any of these shows? Did you love them, hate them or were you indifferent? Have you seen anything I should definitely check out? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Netflix & Chill: Queer Eye, Stranger Things, and more!

  1. I have watched a couple episodes of Black Mirror, and do plan to watch more. I kind of like that I can just pick it up whenever. I actually could not get into Stranger Things. I tried- several times, actually- but I just can’t, Idk why even! Seems like it’d be my kind of thing, too! I really need to try Queer Eye, I love that you say it is uplifting! Never heard of Tales From the City but now I am definitely going to check it out!

    Also, I wholeheartedly recommend… wait for it… The 100 😁 I seriously do have a TON of recs along the same vein so if you do want them, let me know!


    • Yeah, Black Mirror is great when you just want to watch one episode of something. And Queer Eye is honestly so wholesome and sweet that it always makes my heart happy.

      OH OH OH I am waiting until there are a few more episodes out in the new season before I start it because I need to watch them all at once. A WEEK WAIT IS TORTURE OKAY. And yes, give me all the recs!


  2. i haven’t watched any of these shows!! i mean, i did try STRANGER THINGS, when the first season came out, but then i never got around finishing it. not because i didn’t like it or something, i just didn’t finish 😂


    • HOW DARE YOU MAHA. Haha, honestly I didn’t either the first time I checked it out? I wasn’t in the mood for it or something I guess. Then I tried again and LOVED it.


  3. I’m still working on Queer Eye season 4 – I try to make them last so I don’t immediately run out of episodes. But it’s such a good good season. I love this series so much. ♥


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