Welcome to Bee Writes Things! The obligatory introduction post.

Hello and welcome to Bee Writes Things

Some of you may already know me since I used to blog over at Quite The Novel Idea and Novel Ink, but my name is Bee. Last year during the last trimester of my pregnancy, I went on a blogging hiatus. In the past year I have tried and failed to pick up blogging again but to no avail. So I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate. Get back to the basics. And maybe talk about something other than books because there’s more to my life than books that I want to share. And thus I decided to start over on a fresh new blog where I don’t have to worry about co-bloggers and deadlines and getting those reviews out in time.

And thus Bee Writes Things was born and the world rejoiced. But not really.

What you may have missed…

Back in March, I made a 2-part comeback post on Novel Ink and Quite The Novel Idea. You can find part 1, in which I talk about my pregnancy, motherhood and mental health, over here. And in case you’re interested, you can find part 2, where I talk about what I’ve been reading, over here. Here’s what you may have missed since then.

I became a mom to a toddler! Emma’s first birthday.

While some of you spent July 4th and probably the following days celebrating Independence Day, I got to spend it celebrating my daughters first birthday. She’s definitely a toddler now and with that comes a completely new experience. A few actually. It’s been so amazing to see her explore and discover, learn, adapt, grow,… She’s such a curious, stubborn, cheerful girl with already a very distinct personality and character. Her expressions I could watch forever and she makes me laugh so much with every little thing she does.

I had a lot of trouble bonding with Emma in the first months of her life, but now I’m finally starting to get what people mean when they say that being a parent is the best thing they’ve ever done. Because it truly is astounding to watch this little person that came from you, grow up into a functioning human being. Yes, there are days I still would rather toss her in the garbage because she can be a handful and the last few months have been challenging for me mental health-wise (more on that later). But I still love her endlessly and I just want to see her happy and healthy.

Here are a few pictures from the last few months!

• A sudden and painful loss. Saying goodbye to my grandfather & dealing with family drama.

May was a very rough month for me. Suddenly my last living grandparent had to be shipped off to the hospital because he had pain in his hip. Due to complications he rapidly spiralled and the family decided to pull the plug. He passed away quickly and quietly after that. But as if that shock wasn’t enough of a hit on my mental health, the family didn’t exactly make things easy for me. No, that is an understatement. They were cruel and heartless.

I’ve been having problems with my family on my father’s side (that includes my father and my three brothers) for quite some time now due to my ex. Safe to say whatever bond we had was pretty much nonexistent when I finally left him. But I’ve been working on making things right with them ever since. I visit my grandfather for a chat after Emma was born because I knew he wanted to meet his first great-granddaughter. Things were back on track.

When grandpa died, I got one big hit after the other. First, the decision to pull the plug was not one they consulted me for. They did however, ask everyone else in the family. But not me, his godchild. Next, they decided they didn’t want my name listed with theirs on the card they were sending everyone. Ouch. I sobbed for about an hour after I heard that. Even so, I still wanted to go to the funeral. I wasn’t welcome at the family gathering after the service but I didn’t feel like talking to them anyway. (Still, small ouch.) The funeral itself… was against everything he would’ve wanted. Not only that, but I was not allowed to sit with the family in the front, or escort the coffin in and out the church. I was to sit in the back so nobody would think I was related to them. Major ouch.

Losing someone is never easy. It hurts and it’s unfair. There was no need for them to act the way they did. I simply wanted to say goodbye to my grandfather, whom I loved very much. But apparently that wasn’t enough for them. But what’s done is done. I feel better knowing they will never have any part in Emma’s life, but I’m sad that he won’t. It does comfort me a little he at least met her and held her in his arms.

Grandpa with Emma, September 2018

• Mental Health took a nosedive. Back to therapy.

With that came my own downwards spiral. Boy was that fun. I won’t go into detail about it in this post because it touches on some tough subjects. I might make a post about it in the future when I’m a bit more stable mentally. But I ended up going back to therapy and so far it’s going well. I like my new therapist a lot and she’s given me a few new insights already.

• My 29th birthday.

I turned 29! Hurray! One year away from being the big 30. I had a lovely day with my boyfriend and baby girl. He made me a three layer chocolate cake with blue buttercream frosting and covered in a layer of chocolate ganache. It was delicious! I’m still planning on going shopping with him for a new wardrobe. Can’t wait!

What to expect on Bee Writes Things

With a new blog, come new things. After having a book blog for the better part of 6 years, I needed a change. During my hiatus I thought a lot about what I wanted to do and ended up deciding I would make it a more personal blog that covers all sides of me, rather than one specific side. So on Bee Writes Things you’ll find me talking about these three things:

• Books (Reviews, bookish discussions, writing updates, etc…)
• Life (Personal posts and discussions about mental health, motherhood, and anything else life can throw at you.)
• More (Anything else, really. Basically if I want to talk about a show or movie I watched, for example, it’ll be in this category.)

Something else that is entirely new to me is a posting schedule. For the time being posts will go up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 1 am EST. This way I have plenty of time to make the posts AND interact with you guys! Replying to comments, commenting on other blogs,… I want to be active again in the community so if I divide my time better, I can do that. And this way there is much less pressure on my end.

And with that we come to the end of this very long introduction post. Leave a comment to let me know what you think, share what you’ve been up to, what you’re reading,… Anything! I want to hear from YOU.

Once again, I want to welcome to my new little space on the interwebz. Bear with me as I add the last few finishing touches to the lay-out. I hope you like it and I hope you’ll visit again soon.

Love, Bee

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Bee Writes Things! The obligatory introduction post.

  1. Bee, I am so happy that you are back! Emma is adorable as always, I cannot believe how much she has grown! It flies, doesn’t it? I am so, so sorry about your grandfather. And I have no words for the way you have been treated. That isn’t what family is supposed to do, no matter what happened in the past, and I cannot even imagine how awful it must have felt while you were grieving on top of it. I can say with certainty that your grandfather is so proud of how you have handled things, and what an amazing mom you are to his great-granddaughter. Big hugs, Bee. I am so glad that you are back, and remember that it’s okay to go at your own pace. Motherhood is not easy, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying 😂


    • SHANNON! I’ve missed you. ❤ Emma is a firecracker, for sure. xD She's constantly moving now and has such a big personality already. It's really amazing to see her explore and learn and grow. BUT IT STILL SUCKS SOMETIMES. XD


  2. Welcome back Bee! I already know that I’m gonna be crap at blogging when my wee one is born but I’m happy you’re back! Happy belated to both you and Emma and I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather.


  3. I’m so glad your back, Bee!! And I’m glad you’re getting into a better place and Emma is doing amazingly (she’s so beautiful ! HER SMILE!) and that therapy is helping. Your family wholly sucks but I’m so glad you have an epic little family of your own to support you 💛💛and cake. Cake is good.


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